New article by Joli Rumi Borah and James Reed on ‘Balancing trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and livelihoods’


  • Biodiversity is essential for safeguarding food security, ecosystem function, and human well-being.
  • A collaborative study by the Collaborating to Operationalise Landscape Approaches for Nature, Development and Sustainability (COLANDS) team highlights the need for incorporating the ecological dimension in integrated landscape approaches.
  • India aims to better integrate biodiversity conservation and livelihood objectives through the Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement (BCRLI) project. However, identifying land-use synergies and balancing trade-offs across scales and sectoral boundaries will be key for sustainable landscape management.

A new article by Joli Rumi Borah and James Reed on how to better integrate the ecological dimension in Integrated landscape approaches (ILAs). The article is available here.